Savory Veggie Muffins

Don’t we all love the popular “build-your-own” pizza? Of course we do! And why? Because there’s only on it what we like. These muffins follow exactly this kind of approach, and they are very international. You can give them a Mediterranean twist, Mexican, Indian, or whatever kind of cuisine you prefer. That’s why they are the perfect companion for your dinner, a great addition to a breakfast buffet, and also delicious just by themselves as a snack.










  • 1 Tbsp ground flax seed
  • 3 Tbsp water
  • 7 oz (200 g) of your preferred vegetables, finely diced ( I used onion, mushrooms, carrot, red bell pepper, and corn)
    • veggie suggestions are onion, red bell pepper, corn, carrot, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, leeks….         For the Mediterranean twist you could even use black olives and sun dried tomatoes.
  • 2 Tbsp fresh herbs, minced, like parsley, chives, basil, cilantro (I used parsley and cilantro)
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil to sauté veggies and more for muffin pan
  • 7.5 oz (210 g) einkorn flour
  • 1.4 oz (40 g) quick oats
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 7 Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp Celtic sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 1/2- 2 1/2 tsp spices (I used 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp dried cilantro, 1/8 tsp ground cumin, 1/4 tsp turmeric)
    • for the Mediterranean twist you could use spices like thyme, oregano, dried basil, dried rosemary, or an Italian spice blend
    • for the Indian twist ground cumin, turmeric, hot pepper flakes, dried cilantro
    • for the Mexican twist you could add the spices I used or a Mexican spice blend
  • 1/4 cup (60 ml) extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup (240 ml) plain, vegan yogurt (I used homemade)
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) water



Prepare a “flax egg” by blending 1 tablespoon ground flax seed with 3 tablespoons of water in a cup or small bowl. Set aside.

Wash and cut your veggies and herbs.

Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C) and oil the molds of the muffin pan.

Preheat a frying pan on medium heat, add 1 tablespoon olive oil, then diced vegetables, and fry until vegetables are soft but not brown, about 5 minutes. Let cool down a bit.

Add einkorn flour, quick oats, baking powder, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and your personal spice blend to a medium-size bowl and thoroughly combine everything.

In a larger bowl, blend your flax egg with 1/4 cup olive oil, yogurt, and the water.

Add the fried vegetables with minced herbs to the bowl with the flour and combine well. Pour flour/veggie mix into the bowl with the liquid ingredients, and swiftly mix until dry ingredients are moist. Spoon into prepared muffin pan and bake for 20 – 25 minutes. Let sit for 5 -10 minutes before taking them out. Use a knife to slide around the edge, then they can be easily to removed from the molds.








  • As mentioned above, these little guys are very versatile and multi-national. Use caution with strong spices like cumin, or very spicy ones like cayenne or any hot pepper. You just want to give a hint of their nationality but not overpower their delicious taste.
  • They are perfect for freezing! I froze them in an airtight container for about a month, and they were as delicious as when I first baked them. Just thaw, put them back into a muffin pan, then warm them up in the oven for only a few minutes until the top is crunchy again.
  • These muffins are excellent to bring on a road trip, to a party or buffet, and in general whenever you feel like having a savory muffin. Kids love them!

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